the artist

Hello, I'm Tofunemu ☆彡

There is a never-ending wish to expand my world and connect with others. My mind indulges in many dreams, even if I'm rooted in reality. 

The best way I can address these wishes of mine is to bring my creations to life and share my enjoyment for art (and tofu) on a whole new level.

I hope my passion projects will bring you a great amount of joy as it does for me!  

About Tofunemu ☆彡


Tofunemu was created in April 2021, but the love for art was nourished since childhood. The love for art was inspired by anime, manga, video games, webtoons, and other media consumed. It began as mere doodles in a sketchbook to a full exploration in digital art. There was a brief period where marketing studies were priority, but now the art production is in full force. Hence, the creation of this brand that incorporates all of my knowledge and passion. Other enjoyment includes cosplaying, music, coding (mainly for design), gaming or video editing. You can find me streaming drawing sessions or gameplays to unwind and have fun on Twitch from time to time with my Vtuber. I also tackle a full-time job while managing everything. Why dreams resonate a lot with me, I desire more sleep as I juggle it all. But, I want to continuously reach for the stars! Let's create some extra firm, fresh-pressed dreams, sleepyhead ~!


Did you know that tofu is high in protein, low in carbs, and has a main ingredient of soy milk? This brand is modeled to be high in dream output, possibly low in sleep, and with the main ingredient of personality. Like the tofu and its varying softness, the art will be made into various product types of fun. Isn't that healthy?

It may be all fun with your head in the clouds, but there is also a portion of dark nightmares that intertwines with dreams. This brand may dabble in some darker themes or merchandise in the future but still maintain a balance of fun, soft-fluff, and with a bit of edge.

Fun fact: I want my art to be transparent about mental health and to share my story. I indulge in writing a series of journal entires called "Night Eater Diary." The series was created with the intent to bring more awareness of mental health and acceptance with embracing hardships of reality. I want people to find comfort in knowing they are not alone.


Tofunemu is independently run by the artist, Mandifuru (you can refer to me as Mandy or Tofu). The main focus is to produce original and tribute art pieces. These pieces will then be brought to life as a merchandise, in hopes to evoke feeling when you see it and to connect with you in some way. Another aspiration is to develop this brand be an immersive vision of my "Tofu Dreamland."

 Follow along our journey of our extra firm, fresh-pressed dreams!

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